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Everest Hand Made Raw Yak Leather & Cotton Bag

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Blue+Red+Brown, Blue+Yellow, Red+Brown


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Our ethical range of 100% Pure Natural/organic YAK raw leather & Cotton bags is all handmade in Nepal by organic tanning and traditional crafting practices.

All the handmade cotton fabric/cloth used is hand woven in Nepal using traditional craft techniques.

Store your bag in a well-lit area. Because this is an all-natural product it can develop mold if left in a cold and dark place.


This can easily be remedied by wiping the surface with a brush and rubbing in a little vegetable oil to protect leather area.

Leather mixed with cotton can use wash with normal cold water. Once finished Please, dry it immediately.




The color of the bag will deepen and change with use and age. This is a part of the special character and charm of raw leather & handmade cotton fabric.

Although it’s natural raw leather & Cotton bags with no chemical added, if you have leather & Cotton allergy, we suggest consulting with Doctor before use our bags.

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