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Cameroon, Cute Lady, Elephant, High Hill, Mini Max, Pocket Shoulder, Tab


Perfect for storing your phone and wallet for a festival, this compact raw leather pouch with a single shoulder strap features a secure leather closure to ensure the contents stays safely inside!

Our Handmade raw YAK leather bags are made from 100% Natural/Organic, YAK hide in Nepal using natural processing methods. Mountain YAK is used as a source of Transportation in Snow hill/Mountain regions in Nepal; however the hide is usually discarded. With the ‘raw leather’ method the unused hides are treated so they can be used to make bags, thereby minimizing waste and providing a source of income. Mountain YAK hides is very tough and because of this the process of softening is a long one. The hides are soaked together with a special type of leaf for 40-60 days. The hide is then removed from the water and the layers are stripped apart. These layers of hide are still tough at the end of the soaking period. So they are then massaged with vegetable oil and the workers use their feet to stamp on the hides, similar to the process of crushing grapes for making wine.

Store your bag in a well-lit area. Because this is an all-natural product it can develop mould if left in a cold and dark place. This can easily be remedied by wiping the surface with a brush and rubbing in a little vegetable oil to protect it. The color of the bag will deepen and change with use and age. This is a part of the special character and charm of raw leather.


A by-product of the meat industry Employs

The lowest caste Earthquake victim

 Members of Nepal – leather workers


Tanned using leaves and barks from local trees and shrubs

Cut and crafted entirely by hand

Oiled with mustard oil to finish and soften

Why YAK Leather

The leather of the Yaks, an Asiatic highland bovine, is mainly used in shoe and boot production because of its stronger and smoothness nature, but also we started for manufacturing unique Bags.

Of a total of number Yaks worldwide, around 90% live in Himalayan range Country of Mount Everest, Nepal and Mongolia-Tibet.

The former Nepalese nomads had been processing the skins traditionally into Bagsbelts and many other things (Please, See Description Tab further).

Due to the adverse living conditions of the YAK animals in Nepal (cold, wind, snow), Yak leather is denser in the fiber structure than typical cow/buffalo leather. Therefore, Yak leather requires only half of the thickness to achieve the same heat insulation and toughness of bovine leather. Nevertheless, the Traditional processing of Yak leather is not easy, since the Yak has extensive grease deposits in the depths of the skin which help the animal survive in the low temperatures of the Himalayas. However, this is a rather undesirable condition for the leather quality, since the skin becomes uneven and fibrous in deeper layers.

This results in higher production costs, which is reflected in the fact that good Yak leather is not cheap leather. The leather quality is also dependent on gender and age. With increasing age (as with cattle), the fibers become thicker and more coarse and uneven.



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